Sunday, March 6, 2011


My life is in limbo, between going to grad school and not, building a house and not, buying a car and not, deciding to start having kids soon and not, working a (relatively) high-paying job and not, traveling the world and not. All these decisions are so interconnected that I feel like I can't do anything. I am a total planner, and like to know exactly where I am going in life. This forced indecisiveness is unnerving for me. I just wish I could CHOOSE. I just kind of feel like my life will end when I graduate, and I won't know what to do with myself.

In other news, I had a lovely birthday week (the big two-two) that involved dinner at Market Street and a movie (The Tourist), A lovely new CD and yummy treats from the hubs, fuzzy boots from my mom, cards from many, lunch at Stoneground with Trish/baby Parker and then shopping, ribs/coleslaw/pulled pork sandwiches/pistachio-marzipan-apricot-ganache cake and tiramisu cake with my family, empanadas/posole/yummy salad/dunford donuts with my in-laws, and overall goodness. Nieces and nephews are so fun, though crazy at times.

I almost bought some boots this week. 75% off at Macy's ($25 for all suede boots)but talked myself out of it. I swear, A has turned me into some sort of monster.


Chelsea Lauren said...

i feel the same way a lot. At least I know I want to get a job for now. But there are so many questions like, where? how the heck are we going to live on a teacher's salary? and how much am I going to miss never having to wake up before 8:30. Graduating kind of stinks.

Andrew said...

You need to do a fashion blog on your leather jacket with the race car driver glasses.

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