Monday, June 23, 2008

Lesson Learned

My car didn't get stolen, though I think someone must have picked it up and moved it. A and I went back to the Trax lot just to make sure that my car wasn't there, and it was there, though not in the spot I remembered. Just thought I'd ease your nerves... Oh and the police officer that I filed the report with was very understanding, said it happened all the time. I felt like a bit of an idiot, but mostly just happy to have a car! Maybe the gods of global warming were trying to give me a sign, that I shouldn't drive the short block to the train station! Well, I think I've learned my lesson.


Kristy said...

Oh that makes my day!

Ana said...

Well phew! That is a relief.

I was thinking somebody must have REALLY needed some wheels. No offense. I am just imagining your car is probably not on the top 10 most stolen list, you know?

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