Saturday, July 10, 2010

What She Wore

I've been following the blog "What I Wore" since the end of last year. At first I was totally obsessed. I spent hours looking through her blog archive just to see every outfit she'd ever posted, and thought every post was amazing. I then added her blog to my google reader, and have continued checking it everyday.

Recently things have changed. I've talked about it with my sister M, who also was an avid follower (we still refer to the author "Jessica" as if we were on a first-name basis with her). We agree that Jessica isn't relatable anymore. To me it just seems like one big advertisement, mostly for Modcloth, also for Coach. Every outfit seems to have a "courtesy of" element, and rarely are there vintage outfits anymore, which were my favorite anyway. Jessica is writing a book right now, with some clever title that involves "recipe" and "style" somehow. I just don't feel like she is as accessible to me anymore. I don't really care about coach bags and Ann Taylor freebies. She doesn't seem so unusual or cutting edge, more commercial and boring, and sometimes even a little sloppy. Everyday I consider removing What I Wore from my blog list, maybe one of these days I'll actually do it. I'm sure there are still many many people who still worship Jessica, and that is totally fine, I'm just saying I don't know if I want to be counted among them anymore.

Do you read WIW? What do you think?


Chelsea Lauren said...

I've noticed that too. It bugged me at first, but then i realized that i would never wear most of the stuff she does, and I'm just as much as a "label whore" as the next guy. So I've think it's kind of cramped her style to incorporate so many things they want her to showcase, but at the same time, i'm too big of a wuss to try most of it anyway. So I will continue on in my staple- t-shirt, jeans, and a cardigan.

Lady Libertine said...

yeah i totally quit looking at her blog whenever there is an update, that happened a couple months ago.

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