Monday, July 19, 2010

clothing exchange.

I sent this out as a message to some peeps on facebook (those in the Girl's Night group) and thought I'd extend the invitation to all three of you who read here. Really, really, anyone is welcome. So here it goes.

I've been doing some closet cleaning lately. I always feel bad sending things to the DI when I think that someone I know would appreciate a few of the items for FREE, so I'm thinking we should have a clothing exchange.

I'd like to do this soon, so please comment with when you are available! I'd be happy to host at my house.

If it turns out no one has anything to exchange, feel free to just come over and browse through my stash. Like I said, anything not claimed is going to the DI.

If you do want to bring clothes/shoes/jewelry/anything you want to exchange, let's set some ground rules:

1. Please only bring clean clothes. No one wants to smell your flowery scent (read: BO) or see what you had for lunch that one day last year all over that cute shirt.

That is the only rule I can think of. Anyway, let me know if you are interested and when you will be around Murray to come over!



Lady Libertine said...

I probably have tons that I want to exchange as well because, well, it's been two months since I've done laundry and I still have lots left.... the only thing is, I am not sure when I will be able to come home next, pretty sure it won't be until August :/

alyddall said...

Hey Marta - To you, or any of your friends: I want to try a knitting project that is a rug made out of old T-shirts. So with your swap and anyone who comes over, would you save me any T-shirts that no one wants? I *don't* want anything that people still want to wear, seeing as how I am going to cut them up. Shirts with logos from an old job, unremovable stains, small holes... would be GREAT. Let me know if you get/have any and I'll come pick them up.

I'd exchange real clothes if I was ever so lucky as to fit in your size. Likely not in this lifetime, because even if I lost the 30 pounds, I'd still be too short! Good luck swapping.

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