Friday, July 23, 2010

cool runnings

I always thought that movie was funny, as a kid. Turns out there is a website called "Cool Running" with a training plan that is supposed to get you from your couch to running a 5k in just nine weeks. My work will (hopefully) be hosting a 5k in September, and I am determined to run, not walk, in it.

It is also part of my effort to lower my cholesterol to exercise more, and thought since I live by the Jordan River Parkway I thought running would be a good option.

So the first phase of the training plan is to run for 60 seconds, walk for 90, for 25 minutes. I've been trying to do this on our elliptical. It is hard to gauge how fast I'm really going on that thing, but I sure do like watching Netflix while I workout (lately it has been Pushing Daisies). I have noticed that I've gotten more of a workout doing the whole run some walk some thing, but thought I should give it a try outside, actually running.

Today I have the day off (thank you, pioneer ancestors, for having your own holiday) so I took the plunge. I wanted to do it on a non work or school day just in case it killed me or took a long time, so that I wouldn't be late for anything.

And how was it, you must be wondering? It was pretty good. I am definitely not ready for a running partner yet, unless they also enjoy taking walk breaks rather frequently, but am really excited for when I get to that point. I tried really hard to just take it slow when jogging, and tried to go a little further every time I felt like taking a walk break. I read some advice that said to not be embarrassed about walking, so I just did my best. My goal was to stay out for half an hour, and by the time I got home it was closer to a full hour (granted, probably half of it was walking!) and I was sweatier than I think I've ever been before (gross). Turns out real running is more difficult than spending time on the elliptical. Plus it got a little hot at the end.

I think my hips are going to be really sore. I also think I went about 3.5 miles, maybe a little more. I might try it again tomorrow.

Now I have some questions, for those of you who are runners.
  • If you go on a morning run, do you eat before you go, and if so, what?
  • Do you have a watch or pedometer thing that you especially like? (I'd like one that tracks time, maybe distance, maybe heart rate.)
  • Do you have a favorite running attire, especially for summer running?
  • Any good stretches you'd suggest, especially hip stretches?
  • Would you advise waiting a day between runs for me, a beginner?


alyddall said...

Here is one more fun working-out related site: Then you can see how far you went/plan to go from home!

Valerie said...

Hey there. Unless you're running a long distance (upward of 8-9 miles), I've found it's not strictly necessary to eat before you go.
If I do eat, I like a banana-it's quick energy and digests really fast. I eat pb toast before races. It doesn't matter so much what you eat, as how what you eat affects you. Bananas and pb are pretty universal choices, but, it has to work for you.

I wear a running skirt for summer (and spring and fall) runs.

There's no need to rest between runs, unless you really, really need it. Ice anything that hurts when you get back, and try it again tomorrow. When you gain endurance and you want to run longer distances, you'll build rest days in, but, at this point, it's not necessary.

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