Monday, July 26, 2010

brown bag.

Guess what? We're going to DISNEYLAND in less than two weeks! This trip is going to be epic. We're going with two other awesome couples. We'll be driving all together in a minivan, and sharing a hotel room, so it's a real good thing that everyone is so cool, definitely not going to be any "funny business."

We're staying one night in Vegas on the way west, and maybe I'll hit the slots, since this will be the first time I'll actually be old enough to gamble! I probably won't though. Mr. A is not so keen on the idea. Once in California, we'll have three days at Disneyland and California Adventure, a day at Universal Studios and the Price is Right, and a day at the San Diego Zoo. We'll also be spending time at the beach, of course!

I am so so so excited. The only things between me and California are two finals and two papers. And guess what? In 2012 there will be a CARS section in California Adventure! A is pretty sad that it won't be done for this trip, because it sounds pretty awesome.

We're especially looking forward to: swimming, boogie boarding, basking in the sunlight, making crazy shirts for the price is right (anyone know a funny six letter word we could spell out?), hippos at the zoo, Toy Story ride, and the tortilla factory! Yes yes yes. So excited.

Oh. I just remembered what I wanted to post about (hence the title), lunches. We're hoping to eat one packed lunch everyday, and I've been trying to think of things to pack Here's what I've thought of so far:
  • hummus and pita chips from Trader Joe's
  • pb&j
  • apples/bananas/other fruit
  • carrots
  • cheese and crackers, or string cheese
  • yogurt
  • nuts (my choice would be the toffee dark chocolate pistachios from Trader Joe's!)
Those are my thoughts so far. What else would you suggest from Trader Joe's? My experience there, while very good, is limited. Any other ideas are also welcome. I think we'll have a small fridge in our hotel. Maybe some of the pre-made cold dishes? Like pasta salad? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Ana said...

TJ's items: the Thai lime-chili spiced peanuts will blow your sinuses out but are awesome with ripe tomatoes! Pirate's Booty started there (you can get it at other places now too, like Costco). Chocolate covered, candy covered sunflower seeds. Yum.

alyddall said...

Cottage cheese & chips packs well for lunch, if you have refrigeration. I may have passed over it on your list because I would have guessed Andrew would already have requested it.

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