Wednesday, July 7, 2010

recycle me.

I toured Rocky Mountain Recycling today, and learned a whole bunch. First, if you're like me, you think of recycling as "clean," since you aren't supposed to recycle anything yucky, just paper, cardboard, and clean plastic, right? Wrong! It was really smelly, and really dusty, and really cool.

Here's what else I learned, most things you think you can't recycle, you really can. For example, pizza boxes, grocery bags, seran wrap, tin foil, plastic baggies... all recyclable. No recycle symbol or number? No problem. Also, don't bother rinsing out your cans or your milk jugs. Pretty much don't rinse anything. However, don't put styrofoam in your bins, or boa-constrictors. They don't like those at the plant. Oh, and leave out the glass too.


Heidi Hamilton said...

Thanks for this Marta.
you are saving me a lot of time.
I originally wasn't rinsing out my cans, but then my neighbor said she always did & I thought - yeah. I'd better. Because they don't like yucky cans. So I have been, but I don't want to.
So... anyway... thanks!

Marta said...

You're welcome! They said not to leave pizza in pizza boxes (essentially, no big "chunks" of food) but that because cans and bottles will encounter heat first thing to remove their labels, any food remnants will be burned off. It not only saves time, but lots of water too!

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