Tuesday, December 8, 2009

what's in a name?

So, I may not be having a baby, but I think about baby names. All the time. I've heard my share of made-up names that I do not like, so I figure if I'm thinking about in now, I'll have scouted out some traditional (ish) normal sounding names for when that time comes. Let me tell you about one.

Have you seen the movie The Holiday? I love that show. Jude Law is a dreamboat, Kate Winslet is beautiful, Jack black is charming in his seriousness, and Cameron Diaz is actually tolerable, which is unusual for her. Jude Law's name in the movie is Graham, but when I first saw it, it sounded like "Gray-um." I loved that name. I think about it often. Today, I looked it up. It is spelled Graeme. I don't much like that. Would it be torture to name a kid that? Or Graham pronounced Gray-um? I have a feeling it would be, but I just like it so much! A likes the name Lewis, after Lewis Hamilton, the Formula 1 driver. Lewis is okay with me.


amy said...

i know a graeme and he is nice. also, it is a very british name. the graeme i know is british. so, if graham gets treated badly here, you could always move to england.

Amanda said...

that is an awesome name but I think it might be torture since we don't live in a country with foreign accents, sadly... also, I love the Holiday, so right about Cameron Diaz, usually I don't much like her.

alyddall said...

we grew up with a Graham in the Park Ward. Only his mother pronounced it the way it is supposed to be. We all said "Gram". you would be the authority on whether it is hard to have a name that everyone pronounces incorrectly though!

Chelsea Lauren said...

I think in Utah there are four guidelines for names.

1. Utahns need to stop spelling names like they never went to school. It makes Utahns look stupid when your kid moves away.

2. Utahns need to stop naming their children book of mormon names. I think it's kind of like saying your child will always be mormon and always want to walk around being called Alma so everyone knows they are mormon.

3. Names that could possibly have a "t" put in them are dangerous. Utahns will put a T in. Like Chel"t"sea. "Sorry, no, it's chelsea without a t."

4. Names which do have a "T" are also dangerous, because most Utahns can only say "t"'s when not called for names like "Marta" become "Marda"

So, Graham has passed the test. Approved.

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