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The stuff on my head has had a colorful history. Some cuts that made me cry, color that just couldn't keep, and everything in between. I was looking at some old pictures today, and thought I'd do a little head history, in photos.

Age: Maybe 12?
Occasion: Visiting the Temple with my future bff. (This friendship wouldn't solidify for another year or two.)

Notice the dress? A hand-me-down from my older sister's bff. The hair? Slicked back and full of chlorine. At this time I had half grown out perm, I believe, that I got in sixth grade.

Age: 14
Occasion: Best summer trip ever, between 8th and 9th grade.

Visiting Trisha's sister in Colorado, where we became best friends. I think the 15 hour train ride helped. Here we are taking some glamor shots, with disposable cameras, at Garden of the Gods, wearing matching shirts, stick on fake nails, and platform flip flops. It was this occasion that made me realize I am not very photogenic. (But was I skinny? Oh my yes!) Here I had shoulder-length hair, no bangs no highlights, in the process of growing it out from a chin-length 8th grade cut.

Age: 15
Occasion: 9th Grade Winter Dance

Can you tell which awkward teenager is me? Yup, in the pink, sort of in the middle. Look how long my hair was! This is also pretty much my natural hair color, there may or may not be some highlights in there, I don't quite remember. Also, this was pre-bang

Age: 15
Occasion: Playing at the beach while visiting my sister in California.

I think I may be confusing this trip with another, so I'm not actually sure where it fits in the timeline, but notice that my hair is much longer than in the last picture. Okay, maybe not that much longer, but I like these pictures and wanted to use them.

Age: 16
Occasion: Going through a personal identity crisis and feeling a bit impulsive, I chopped my hair off on my 16th Birthday. It was a flippey-outey style, 8 inches shorter than the last picture. Yikes! I don't have a picture of that exact style. Sorry.

Shortly after that, I cut it in an A-line, and had it that way for quite some time, all through high school in fact. Here are some pictures to prove it.

Age: 16
Occasion: Homecoming, junior year.

Age: 16-17
Occasion: Jr. Prom, in the blond phase. I believe it was a lot more blond than I had wanted.

Age: 17
Occasion: Choir Tour in NYC.

More of the blond, I think my skin is too red to be a blond.

Age: 17
Occasion: EFY

So toward the end of my Jr. year, I got a really bad hair cut. I think I asked just to get rid of my layers, and came home with far too many bangs, like halfway back my head, and a really short cut, like almost too short to tuck behind my ears. Sort of like Twiggy, but not cute and sort of jagged. This is the only cut that has ever made me cry. Mostly because it wasn't cute, and wasn't what I asked for. At all. That's hair trauma. For the first long while, I would only wear it pulled back, as pictured, because I thought it was so ugly.

Age: 17
Occasion: Senior Pictures

While I was still embarrassed of my hair, and double mad that it looked bad just in time for THE most important pictures of my life (or so I thought at the time,) I finally felt comfortable enough wearing it down. It was still super short, after 3+ months of growing! I had also colored it at the beginning of the summer, dark brown.

Age: 17
Occasion: "Photo Shoot" at Haight Boutique, my old (and probably favorite) job.

Yet more proof that I am awkward in pictures! Here is my Trisha hair, the first time I had her do my hair ever, this is what she did. I think we were both pretty scared, but I LOVED this hair. Vibrant red with white blond peek-a-boos and a drastic A-line. So cute. I had this hair for a long while, till I realized I was probably going to get married and should normalize my hair color for pictures.

Age: 18
Occasion: Teaching a modestly fashionable class to some young women.

Here's the in between. My head underwent a bleach cocktail, making for some orange hair! But these are the things we do. I actually like this color, sort of brown-blond-red. Notice it is also getting longer, also for the wedding.

Age: Too Young
Occasion: My Wedding!

Yes, I was only 18.5, but I maintain that it was the best decision I have ever made. Here' my hair, long enough to do an up do, and pretty darn close to my natural color.

Since that day 2.5 years ago, I've had an asymmetrical A-line, straight-across bangs, red hair, brown hair, blond highlights, and everything in between.

Age: 19
Occasion: Getting my hair done! This style has straight bangs, slight A-line, brown along the hairline and part, and blond everywhere else. A few days later I added more brown.

Age: 20
Occasion: Hiking around Pfiefer Falls in Carmel. Still have the blond, it is super fun to style because depending on how it is worn, people think I have a new hairstyle.

Age: 20
Occasion: Halloween at Disneyland! Here I've gone back to brown with blond highlights.

Age: 20
Occasion: Pointing at my giant head, as if it needed more attention drawn to it. Actually, pointing to my new hair, it is red! Also, I am trying to grow it out, it is now just to my shoulders.

Age: 20
Occasion: Christmas party with old friends. So fun. Here I'm in the middle again, wearing electric blue.

So what will 2010 bring in the way of hair? We'll just have to see.

Note: Sorry for the random picture sizes, a lot of these are from facebook, my cell phone, or a web cam!

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Ana said...

You are so cute in every one of these pictures, even the ones where you don't like your hair. Somewhere I have a photo of you getting sponge curlers put in your hair when you were about 3. Maybe that should really be the beginning of your photo story!

HNY, Mattie May, I love you!

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