Saturday, December 26, 2009

pick up the phone and say "jell-o?"

That's not actually how the joke goes, it is supposed to be "pick up the phone and say yellow," but I needed a jell-o related title.

So here's the down low on the competition. We decided to try a layered jello, but with a spin. First we (read I) tried it in this awesome castle bundt cake pan my sister-in-law gave us for our wedding, inspired by this. Here's how it turned out.

Somehow the layers didn't stick together, so there was some structural failure. I got it into my head that if I just used a regular bundt pan I wouldn't have this problem, so that was what we ended up doing. I hoped it would turn out like this.

If you've made layered jell-o, you know that it takes FOREVER, because the previous layer has to be completely set before the next one is poured, or else it will be a disaster. I seriously have been making jell-o for two whole days. I would be fine if I never had to see jell-o again.

Anyway, this is the recipe I used, for the "cream" layer. Now, I'm going to leave you in suspense as to the rest, mostly because I need A's bro to email me the pictures he took! (Hint, hint...)


alyddall said...

This is super Marta. How often can you see video of a jello castle falling down. HA HA. I love it.

In case Jim looks here - hurry up with the jello pics! We need Stonehenge and Rob's art to be represented. Also mine - which was not so much to see but Dave (who has mostly been grossed out by this whole jello event) ate two bowls of it last night after we came home! So I count it as a success too.

pauljtaylor said...

Thanks to linking to my photo! :)

I used vanilla yogurt as my cream medium.

I think the trick is to not wait until it completely sets. The layers have to mingle very slightly for them to take hold. Usually 20 minutes will do the trick, although it makes pouring the next layer is a very delicate process.

Marta said...

Paul, I hope you read this. You are my jello idol! ;)

I just posted some pictures of the real thing, it turned out a little better than the castle, but still not at stable as yours looked in the picture.

Thanks for the advice!

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