Thursday, December 24, 2009

it's Christmas Eve, and I'm still here.

I've noticed that many in the blogosphere signed off yesterday, taking a Christmas hiatus. Well, I'm still here. I actually have more time than usual now that finals are over, and A has to work today. It's okay though, I'm enjoying myself. Here's a list of exclamations.

1-Finals are over, woot woot!
2-The Christmas program I was in charge of is over, and went pretty well!
3-I did some sewing with my mom on Tuesday, and made a cute skirt! (Pictures to come.)
4-I have done some house cleaning!
5-I've started a new knitting project and taught myself how to knit on four needles!
6-I'm making jell-o! The in-laws side is having a jell-o creation competition, and we're going to win!
7-I got my hair done, now it is red!
8-Last week my Germany class had a party, we made vegan pizza, it was delicious!
9- Monday we went to the sing along at the ESA, and got free Jazz tickets!
10-Monday I also went with my friend Chelsea to go see Coco Before Chanel, it was sad and fascinating!
11-It's Christmas Eve!

Okay, so the exclamations are getting a little obnoxious now. I'll stop. So, our plans for today? We're going to A's sister's house, where I think we'll be treated to a fancy dinner and carry out our usual traditions (telling the nativity story, playing pass the candy bar). Tomorrow, We'll have Christmas breakfast at my parents' and exchange family gifts. In the afternoon we'll to to A's parents' house for a late lunch, exchange family gifts, and judge (read win) the jell-o competition.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas, filled with good food and good company. I know I will.

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