Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the list.

This post on WIW inspired me. I think that all too often I go for getting lots of little (not so nice) things instead of a few expensive things of higher quality. So I've decided to make a list, goals of sorts, of quality things to get.

1. Warm Coat. I got one for $50 at Nordstrom during their big sale. It is a wool blend, and not warm in the least.

2. Nice Jeans. I have gotten two pair lately, both from Jr. sections because I like the cut (better pocket placement and such.) I like them, but since Jr. sizing is 3-5-7-9 etc., and I'm in between those sizes, they fall off. Also, they shrink up! My stinking long legs!

3. Boots. These are more of a someday, since I actually have 5 pairs of boots. Granted, I only wear maybe 3 of them on a weekly basis. My goal is to get some that are solid leather, not bonded, which is a lofty goal indeed. I tried last Christmas but settled for bonded in the end.

4. Flats. I would love to find some comfortable and cute black flats. I currently have three pair, none of which are very good. One has an extremely pointy toe, so are only appropriate in some circumstances, the other are sort of a satin fabric and haven't held up well at all, and last are some regular ballet flats that are pretty worn out and fraying.

5. Cardigans. These don't actually have to be expensive at all. I just want more of them, one in black, on in brown.

6. Basics. Long and short sleeve shirts, black and white, not of the Shade/Downeast variety, since those don't seem to wear terribly well.

Now I guess I just have to start saving. Boo. It is so tempting to go thrifting and get some random pieces instead of waiting for some I could really use.

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Chelsea Lauren said...

I have a few reccomendations,
1. Tanks and tops: Nordstrom. Worth the money, and usually half off at the semiannual sale, they are the best ones i've had, and the streatchy stuff in them doesn't wear out. They also don't get the nubbly washed too many times texture.

2. Jeans: SILVERS. They're quite a bit of money, but they go on sale at macy's and nordstrom if you watch them. They are in the Jr's section, and they have different waist and inseam measurements, like men's pants. They're the only pants i can find long enough, they have a 27,29, or 31 inch inseam. I get one 29 to wear with flats and one 31 to wear with boots and heels.

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