Thursday, May 3, 2012

reality check!

The good kind. There's really a real baby in there. It has a little heartbeat. And it measured today at 7 weeks and 2 days, estimated time of arrival is December 18, 2012. Turns out I was about six days off in my own calculations, but it's okay. We're still pretty darn excited!

Now let's talk more symptoms. My guts are all sorts of messed up. I won't go into detail here because that would be too much information. And I've gained like 5-6 pounds, and I have yet to find some good maternity pants. It is the height of allergy season now, and I'm pretty miserable. I haven't been taking anything to manage allergies and asthma, with the exception of the benadryl I took last night. I'm just excited for all the pollen to calm down so I will feel better, and I'm excited to to meet with my real doctor next Friday. just one more week!

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Chelsea said...

You probably got maternity pants by now but the ones I have and love are the skinny jeans from motherhood. I was able to get that buy one get one free, so two pairs for $40, super reasonable and they are REALLY cute jeans. I also got denim bermuda shorts from for $20. They're super cute and the right length.

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