Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Eleven weeks today! I get to go for my second prenatal appointment next week, can you say exited?
Some semblance of reality is starting to set in. We watched a documentary called ”The Business of Being Born” last week. It is totally biased, all about home births and using midwives, but I sort of loved it. And I think it made A feel better about our decision to have a midwife at the hospital. Also I think he's starting to see that the process is more amazing than scary (the movie did make me have a crazy delivery dream... pregnancy dreams are bizarre!).
I'm still feeling great, though still exhausted. I get hungry frequently and have noticed that I'm extra sensitive to feeling sick after over eating, which is good motivation to take it easy at mealtimes. I think my weight gain has subsided, too. Yesterday my total gain since pre-pregnancy was only two pounds, awesome! I did have to go through my clothes and pack away all the things that I already know I won't be able to wear, which was kind of sad. Now I just want to find a few maternity maxi dresses that have sleeves and I'll be totally content!

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