Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm the Worst.

I promised myself I'd be one of those people that takes a picture every week to document my expanding belly. Yeah, but not so much. I'm the worst.
I did go to my first doctor appointment last Friday. Nothing too exiting, I'm going to a midwife at the hospital by my house. So far I like her a  lot. I did have a bad blood drawing experience. Long story short, getting eight vials of blood from my teeny tiny veins did not go very well. My next appointment is in four weeks, and will hopefully be more eventful. Oh, and my only official ultrasound will be at twenty weeks, so we'll know what this baby is at the very end of July!
Symptoms are pretty stable. Still really bloated. I can't imagine what a real bump will look like, because I already feel like I'm obviously showing. I'm also tired all the time, and I get really hungry pretty frequently. Nausea is mostly gone, though sometimes I am surprised with it, like this morning as I got ready. Salty fried foods are also most appealing, and I've started waking up around four a.m. with a desperate need for a bathroom trip. By that point its almost time to get up anyways so I usually hold it which I know is bad! I need to set a middle-of-the-night alarm for a bathroom break... I have a feeling it is only going to get worse!

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Chelsea said...

Don't feel guilty about the pics. I take an instragram picture whenever I get around to it. I think It started for real at like 13 or 14 weeks when there was actually a belly to look at that wasn't just bloat. There is a website I plan to print them out from, persnickety prints, and make one big picture of them. I miss weeks all the time, in fact I don't think I've taken a pic in like three weeks - probably cause I only take them when I have an outfit I like on. :)

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