Monday, January 9, 2012


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Sorry for the Hawaii post hiatus, I've had a bit of a detour because of a new obsession. Once Upon a Time. By obsession, I mean that I started episode one around 7pm yesterday, and didn't go to bed until I had watched all but the most recent one, which I just finished.

First, the fairytale world is beautiful. Ginnifer Goodwin is beautiful as Snow White, and her feathery gowns are spectacular (pictures to come). Second, Henry is adorable. Third, Ginnifer Goodwin as a Mary Margaret is amazing. I want to be her, minus the whole never have a happy ending thing. Her hair is great. Her makeup is great. Her clothes are great.

I must incorporate some of her into my style. This includes round collars, lace, floral prints, bright cardigans, anything flowing or soft or feminine, skinny accent belts, flats, t-straps, gold studs, and slim slacks. Makeup? Minimal. Dewy. Fresh. I love it. And at the end of the year, after I've reached my hair length goal (around my elbows), I will have her haircut. I'm determined.

Plus, her house is amazing. And the story is so fun. 


Emma said...

i have been wondering if that show is good, i better start watching it! i love ginnifer goodwin. that haircut would look adorable on you marta!

Ana Shaw said...

Maybe I will have to give it another chance. I started one episode, and the adoptive mom=evil witch equation creeped me out so much I turned it off midway through.

I am loving Grimm. Have you watched that one?

Amanda said...

I totally just watched all of the episodes too and thought of you when I saw her hair and it made me want to cut my hair again, but I am staying strong!

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