Tuesday, January 10, 2012

hawaii 06

waimea canyon

sunset on the beach

not another person to be seen

view from the car, driving along the bumpy road
Short Version
Day 06: Waimea Canyon, Koloa, "secret" beach
Wore: thrifted oversized strip shirt and Gap burmudas, Brooks trail runners
Dined: bbq chips and V8 splash, from a convenience store in Koloa
Activities: scenic driving, hiking, beach finding
Long Version

We drove up to the overlook for Waimea Canyon on day six, it is also known as the Grand Canyon of Kauai. It was beautiful! You could see distant waterfalls, which was also neat. We did some hiking around before heading out to Koloa for some snacks and then a bumpy drive to this spectacular beach.

The road was dirt, and the beach is said to be one of the few undeveloped beaches left in Kauai. Unfortunately, they close the road gate at 6:00 pm, and if you're not out by then they tow your car! So we didn't have much time there, but we did get to see some of the sunset, which was a first on this trip since our condo was on the other side of the island.

Note: I think I forgot to post something about day 05... A and I went to Hanalei and a specific beach nearby that has olivine sand (I can't remember its name, A could tell you!). Since A took a Geology class last semester, he's been slightly obsessed with rocks. We went in TWO rock/crystal shops in Kauai, and he managed to find a souvenir piece of basalt, and together we found a nice little bunch of pinhead-sized olivine at the beach. I tried to convince him to buy me a Kauai calcite ring...but for some reason he doesn't care as much for the wearable gems as I do. Anyway, we had a lovely afternoon driving along the coast, walking around Hanalei, and lounging on the beach, combing through the sand. Then we went back to Kapaa, and had shave ice. I think.

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