Wednesday, January 4, 2012

hawaii, 03

the husband, biking along the coast

pineapple drop

at the pineapple drop. not particularly flattering, but for some reason i love this pic.

ignore the posture, look at that bike! so fun.

parents at the end of the road.

chicken in a barrel. yum.

A had the pork.

Kilauea Lighthouse.
we didn't see any whales.

i'm in this picture.

like mi giant hat?

thank you, self timer.

love this guy.

beach feet.

my cute parents.
Short Version
Day 03: Kapaa, Kilauea Lighthouse, Hanalei, the beach.
Wore: Body Glove shirt, swimming suit, thrifted plaid shorts, f21 shades, then Down East embellished tee (gift), thrifted linen pants, born sandals, giant hat (Amazon)
Dined: Chicken in a Barrel 
Activities: bike riding, bird and whale watching at the lighthouse, shopping in Hanalei, beach bumming
Long Version
We started day three by renting four bikes for two hours, for only $20. We rode along the parkway that followed the coast in Kapaa, it was beautiful. The bikes were pretty cool, too! I had a bell, which came in handy. None of us had taken watches or other methods of timekeeping, so we just rode to the end of the path and back. Turns out we could have ridden for another hour!
Then we got lunch. Chicken in a Barrel is just along the side of the road, and they often have a guy dressed as a chicken out front "dancing" for cars. The food wasn't terribly cheap, but nothign in Kauai is. It was terribly delicious, though. I had the quarter chicken plate, which came with homemade chili and rice. The chicken was smokey, tender, and delicious. 

After lunch we headed to the Kilauea lighthouse. Mom claims to have seen a whale, but I sure didn't see any. The views were spectacular. My fear of dropping things off high places, which usually just includes my glasses and camera, expanded to include my giant floppy hat.

We spent some time walking around Hanalei. I scored a bakelite pin with a mermaid silhouette (or it may just be a naked lady, it's hard to tell) to put on my giant hat, from a vintage store. What I really wanted to buy there was a Hawaiian dress from the 1930s, but it was over $300. Yikes!

On our way home, we pulled over on a whim at a beach that looked beautiful from the road. I loved the contrast of the black rocks, green moss, clear blue water, and sparkling sand.

Kauai was amazing.

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