Friday, January 13, 2012

hawaii 08 and 09

marta's boat!

my souvenir, and note the tahitian gardenia in my hair

island air prop plane, it was tiny!
Short Version

Day 08: Kapaa, Lihue, Maui
Day 09: San Francisco, Salt Lake City
Wore: thrifted chambray, leggings, TOMS
East tee (gift), thrifted cardi, thrifted linen pants, Born sandals
Dined: picnic on the beach
Activities: Marta's Boat, scenic drive, Lihue Museum, flying home!

Long Version
On our last day in Kauai, we did some last minute souvenir shopping at the ABC store, where I got some freshwater pearls. We packed up and checked out of our condo mid-morning, and hit the road. We stopped off at a shop on the side of the road. The sign said "Marta's Boat," and I assumed it was some kind of a boat rental place, and planned to just take some pictures with the sign. We got out of the car, and there was a guy outside that not only offered to take the picture for us, but invited us inside to see the "Marta's Boat" tee shirts! Turns out he was Ambrose, Marta's husband, and Boat stands for boutique! Inside were racks of clothes that Marta had made herself, with fabrics printed by Ambrose. You can see in the picture above the shirt I chose. 
Before we left, Ambrose gave me and my mom each a Tahitian gardenia, and they smelled so good! We ended up leaving them at the Buddhist alter in the sacred forest, a place we stopped along our scenic drive. Then we drove into Lihue and went to the museum, and finally to a beach in Lihue for a picnic lunch.

We got to the airport around three. The Island Air counter didn't open until four thirty, and our flight to Maui didn't leave until after five! The flight itself was short, and the hostess gave a nice narrative about the islands as we flew over them. 

Then it was our five our layover in Maui. We had some California Pizza Kitchen food, and chocolate frozen yogurt. A tried to nap, and I read over a copy of Instyle magazine that my dad found abandoned on the plane. I was lucky to be able to sleep most of the way to San Francisco, and with the time change we didn't really have a countdown to midnight. 

We nearly ran off the plane through the San Francisco airport, just catching our flight to Salt Lake City. I love flying home, seeing the familiar mountains, trying to identify different parts of the landscape below. And best of all, the Christmas treats that we were sick of when we left were waiting for us. We took a long nap, and went to dinner at A's sister's house, which was fabulous. 

I love vacation, but I also love seeing family, eating home-cooked food, and sleeping in my own bed!

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