Friday, January 20, 2012

my girlfriend's boyfriend

Happy Friday everyone!

To celebrate this day, I did a little shopping.  At Forever 21 I picked up some glitter polish, so I can fulfill one of my Pinterest pins.
this is the polish.

this is the pin.
I also got some jeans, of the $10 variety. They are very dark, and hopefully will stay up and not shrink up.
here are the jeans

I looked at Old Navy, Ross, and TJ Maxx (in addition to Forever 21) for some colored jeans, but they were either more than I wanted to spend, an odd color, or not my size. If any of you know fo a good source, please let me know! I did find a new flat iron at TJ Maxx. My Chi flat iron broke nearly a year ago, and I've been using a cheapo one that is probably ruining my hair. This new one I got today (it is really for my birthday, next month) was a third of the usual price, and looks like this:
it has roses on it!

On another note, tonight A and I are going to see Mike Birbiglia perform his new one-man show, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, at Kingsbury Hall.

We heard him do a piece on This American Life awhile ago, and loved it. It was a "driveway moment" for us, except in the grocery store parking lot. You can listen to it here.

I'm really excited. We're also going to Rubio's for free fish tacos. If you join their email list, they send you free taco coupons every once-in-awhile, and they are so delicious.

So, here's to Fridays! What are you doing this weekend?

1 comment:

emma said...

i love glitter nails.

i have those jeans and i wear them non-stop. best $10 purchase ever.

fish tacos at rubios are so good. i just joined their email list. THANK YOU MARTA!

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