Friday, November 19, 2010

This is walking next to the zoo, on the way to the exhibition center (La Rural).

Dinner last night, we both ordered off the "light" menu, and both our dinners had "diet cheese." I had ravioli verde, A had stuffed squash. The waiter was so nice!

Today, on a walk to find the cemetary. It got really hot really fast. Can you see all the dogs in the background? I'm telling you, there are so many dogs here.

This is the Italian Embassy.

This is the Decorative Arts Museum, formerly some guy's mansion.

In Recoleta, there are a lot of plazas with cool sculptures. This one is for Eva Peron.

They have these maps at every plaza.

See? More dogs on the hill.

I love these purple trees, they blanket the grass with purple petals.

There's another museum, and a cool pedestrian bridge. I think the Flor Metal is in that area too ( a metal sculpture of a flower that moves with the sun). We'll go there tomorrow, apparently it is really cool at night.

This is by the Recoleta Cemetary. We walked right past it without even realizing!

At this point we were way past the cemetery. This part of town was cool to see, but not as nice as Palermo, where we're staying. Just a lot more traffic.

Finally, a picture of both of us! At least, a picture of our shadows. This was on the sidewalk close to the cemetery.

Inside La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Pilar.

The streetscapes here are just beautiful!


Trish the Dish said...

SO beautiful! Hope you guys are having such a good time! Darrin wanted me to tell you guys to go to Iguacu Falls-he says they're AMAZING!!! (wait-he said not JUST amazing-they drove 5 hours to get there and it was WELL worth it he said :))

Marta said...

Oh, if only we had more time here! I think we'll be spending the whole time in Buenos Aires, so we'll just have to come back to go to Iguaca Falls! We really only have one day (Sunday) to do whatever, since A has been working at the convention thing every day. All we have planned so far is to see a tango show, which I am very excited for!

Thomas said...

The purple trees are Jacarandas. We have them in Brisbane, too.

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