Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Saturday

We went to Old Navy on Saturday morning, and I scored some great deals.

This cardigan (which looks more tannish in real life) was only $15! and it looks super cute with the $10 leopard tank (which looks more gray in real life).
These leggings were only $7 a pair!

I also went to Macy's (where I got a pretty statement necklace) and the small version of Forever21 at my local mall (called Gadzooks) where I scored two skirts, a pair of jeans, a striped long sleeve tee, a necklace, and a pair of earrings for $33. I can't find pictures of all those things online, so I'll just have to take some of my own!

What did you score this weekend?


Chelsea Lauren said...

Cute cute cute cardi and patterned tank. I may need to go get a leopard tank now. I'm usually not an animal print person, but I really like it paired with the gravy, very classy. As usual, you have amazing taste.

Marta said...

Chelsea, when I bought this I seriously thought to myself, this is a total Chelsea purchase.

I am a recent convert to animal print. This is only my third leopard item, but with so little of it peeking out under the cardi, I really like it!

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