Wednesday, November 3, 2010

health hazard.

My house is a total wreck right now. Laundry on the family room couch, more in the dryer. Clean dishes in the dishwasher, dirty ones on the counter/stovetop/table. Mail on the counter/table. Shoes all over the front room floor. Purses and backpacks and related things all over the couch and floor in the front room. Garbages full. Bathroom sink draining a little too slow. Ironing board set up in family room.

These things are really not that difficult to tidy up. But I am exhausted. I'd much rather sit here and eat candy and watch tv/do some computer-ing. A thinks I need to ask a doctor why I'm so tired all the time (no, I'm not pregnant, by the way). I'm just not sure I want (or need) an official laziness diagnosis.

(PS I'm a little embarrassed to admit all these disgusting things to you. Just keeping it real.)

1 comment:

Lady Libertine said...

you could get diagnosed with chronic fatige like everyone else and then have an excuse to sleep all the time. wouldn't that be nice.

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