Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My sweet mother-in-law's birthday is on Halloween. This year, we did a festive party for her, and it was so fun. Here's what was on our menu:

Skull and cross bones (rack of lamb) over maggots (rice pilaf)
Devilish eggs
Bone breadsticks
Eyeball salad (GIANT grapes with yummy sauce)
Cemetery sauce (creamy sauce with peas and tombstone breads)
Roasted vegetalbes
Veggie cat


Meat feet! I made the meat feet, inspired by my friends over at Life As Nelsons. I used a Cook's Illustrated recipe for all-beef meatloaf, doubling it and using 1.5 lbs of local beef my sister-in-law bought and 2 lbs of ground sirloin (I forgot to add the other .5 lb of chuck, but it was still delicious). I shaped the two loafs into giant monster feet, and added some claw-like cashews on the toes. I have to say, it was delicious, and looked disgusting.

I also made some brainy cupcakes (thanks for the help, Mom!) from Martha Stewart. The cake part is delicious, and the frosting is pretty good, but really buttery. It isn't very sweet, but pairs well with the chocolate cake. I also added a little pink food coloring to my frosting. Next time I think I'll skip the cupcakes, because I spent my whole Saturday night making them, and left the party with almost all of them still on the tray (that's what I get for going up against icecream pie).

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amy said...

noooo, your cupcakes were amazing! we took three home! and if i wasn't worried about tripling my size over the next 2 months, i'd have eaten more! you did good!

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