Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Do you ever follow blogs of people you don't know in real life? I do. Here are the blogs I follow through Google Reader (which I would highly recommend, by the way!).

Your Heart Out

Design Gal & Her Handyman
Happy Together
Design Sponge
say YES! to hoboken
The Purl Bee
Everyday Chaos
Not So Idle Hands
Ruffles and Stuff
U create
Better After
Freshly Picked
What I Wore


Slimey Jaime said...

I like these. You might too.


GRM is extremely materialistic, so I have some issues with that, but they show some pretty cool stuff. You'd have to read design mags 24/7 to keep up. They recently remodeled and sold a house in sugarhouse - one of my school mates bought it.

Marta said...

I love them both, and am a bit jealous of The Brick House's thrifty finds...

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