Monday, July 6, 2009

next generation

My cute sister introduced me to Wobby Wobby (Hobby Lobby) today. We got some more flower clippie supplies, and spent the afternoon making different combinations of flowers and centers. Here's a slide show of what we came up with. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have an Etsty account or a blog set up so we can get this show on the road!

As far as pricing goes, I think I'm going to price according to the cost of supplies. Some flowers will only be $3, others will be $4 or $5.

The flowers don't look nearly as cute on my tablecloth as they do on a little curly head, or on top of little pigtails. I think I may know some cute little ones that would make perfect models.

ps, any recipients of first generation flowers that would like to trade for second generation flowers, let me know!

1 comment:

alyddall said...

You can still give me one! (If you want) I will either pin it on my big straw hat or wear it on pony tails like we talked about. You can decide if you have enough. I think these are really lovely.

One recommendation - drop by that Cookie Cutter hair place sometime and see all the cute little girl hair things they do there. Might give you some more ideas and also a guess about what people are willing to pay for certain items. The one I take the boys to is in Cottonwood Heights, but there is a Brickyard one too.

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