Sunday, June 8, 2008


I just jumped on the bandwagon, and read Twilight, starting Friday morning on the train. I finished today, Sunday, this afternoon. Though it was a quick read, taking just my train ride to WX and back to get a third of the way into it, the book was almost impossible for me to put down. Hence, I have like three papers that I've procrastinated that need to be written. Plus, dinner is coming soon, and I have to go chop up some watermelon. That means that I pretty much won't get to the paper writing till tonight, and I'll be up late yet again, which is aggravated by 7:30 a.m. yoga tomorrow morning.
Anyway, back to the book. It seemed as though Bella only liked Edward for his extremely good looks, and they fell in love way too fast. It just doesn't happen that way. Also, I found it a little too romance novel-ish, too much tracing of her lips with his cold finger, his eyes getting smouldery a little too often. That being said, I liked it more than I thought I would, and despite my reluctance to pick it up, once I did I was totally sucked in. Luckily I don't have the second book, or those papers would definitely not get written. Oh, and the movie that comes out in December, well, the one picture I could find of the cast looked extra dumb, like the cover of a video game. I think they did a lot of air brushing. I hope the movie isn't like that.


Ana said...

They are total sucker-inners. The love story gets more complicated in the following novels. Wanna borrow?

Marta said...

Good to know that it gets better, seeing that I won't be able to NOT read it! I'm borrowing from a friend, who I'm secretly detesting for getting me involved, but thanks for the offer! (I'll spare you the secret detestation.)I also hate that I could read it in three days, while more worthwile books (Dream of Scipio) are taking me much longer.

Ana said...

Well, it would be especially sad if the fluff was what was taking you longer. Because, really, it's not worth more than 3 days.

I will have to look up Dream of Scipio.

You should look up Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It is an absolutely amazing book about parents and children and disasters and hurt and forgiveness ... the author is Jonathan Safran Foer.

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