Monday, June 9, 2008

Ensign Peak

For my Earth Environments class, we had the "opportunity" (meaning we had not choice...) to go on a hike. Unfortunately, it is still chilly and snowy in the mountains, and my especial favorite, Bell's Canyon, is probably still muddy, so A and I headed to the well traveled Ensign Peak. We passed myriads of teen couples going up and down, the girls in flip flops and ballet flats because the guys probably didn't tell them what they were doing. Or they were just dumb. Anyway, we made it up just in time to see the sunset, and it was beautiful. Thank goodness the weather is warming up, there will be more hikes to come. (Picture wouldn't work, coming soon...)
This Wednesday we'll be leaving the 80 degree sunny days of Salt Lake, trading them for the 50 degree temperatures of Jackson and the Tetons. I'm not too upset though, the food will be good, and so will the company (it's the annual in-laws trip) and the mountains won't be so bad either. Remind me to give a report on my most favorite shoe store there when I get back.


Amanda said...

hahaha oh marta you are such an old married person, just kidding i love you. when are we going to do lunch and catch up? I so need my marta time, it's been over a year!

Marta said...

Hm, we do need to have some marta-amanda time. Let me know when you want to and I'll be there!

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