Sunday, June 29, 2008


We actually did things this weekend, it was nice. Friday we went to the Arts Festival, where with a student card we got in two for the price of one. I ate a BBQ pork sandwich from Great Basin BBQ, and A got a piece of pizza from The Pie. We walked around for awhile, and finally settled to watch San Franciscan Chuck Prophet. The most entertaining part was watching the people drunk enough to dance. On our way out we heard Samba Fogo, very cool. I ran into some old acquaintances, and had a lot of fun people-watching. Overall, too expensive but fun.
Saturday I worked on my mother's 1970s orange Peugeot bicycle with brother M and Dad. By this, I mean that I watched while they worked on it. It's almost done, but they took apart the rear chain derailer and couldn't put it back together, so I have to get a new one. Then we went to lunch here, where I had the grilled chicken baguette, with a Thai coconut boba drink. Yum. A's Grandma's birthday party was that afternoon, we mad a huge fruit salad, and now I have more fruit than I know what to do with, I think we'll be having a lot of smoothies nest week. Afterward, we worked in the yard, and then watched 27 dresses and ate popcorn, candy, and drank root beer. I also took some off-brand Zyrtec, and I've been oh so sleepy all day. Sleepiness would be okay, except I still felt crappy, so the meds didn't even help. Anyone have good allergy remedies?

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Amanda said...

i heard that 1) the arts fest has turned into a somewhat diluted version of woodstock...
and 2) oregano oil under your tongue helps allergies, i haven't tried it yet but my friend's husband swears by it.

also, is your number still the same? should come to sunflower market this week :)

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