Friday, June 20, 2008

The Thrill of the Hunt

I went shopping with sister M last night. we were talking about how we forget that people go shopping places besides Ross Dress for Less (some call it "Cross Dress for Less"). We both had stories of people expressing their disgust for the store, that it was "dirty" or that they didn't like to have to search for things, they liked the mall-store approach, with every rack displaying a different item in every size. We joked about how more than 90% of everything we have is from Ross, occassionally with stuff from TJ, NPS Market Square (some say it stands for "Not Particularly Safe), and the DI. I'm not ashamed of my Ross wardrobe, neither is M, we feel like we have cute clothes. Besides that, we enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the excitement of finding that adoreable shirt at such a great price. We're simply not willing (nor capable) of paying the price of not hunting at Ross. Anyway, I thought I'd share my finds of last night to illustrate my point.
Playful polkadot: $7.99

Basic Navy Penguin shirt with flattering v-neck: $10.99

Cool button up in a fresh green floral print with a waist-accentuating tie: $5.99

The ultimate find, retro wallet with dandelion print:$8.99

So, if you are one of those anti-Ross people, maybe you ought to give it another shot, think of it as a treasure hunt.

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Kristy said...

YAY!! I heart Ross! (and I'm glad you put it on there as "Ross Dress for Less" which is the only way you should EVER say the store's name)and TJMaxx. Those are magical stores.

Miss you!

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