Thursday, January 14, 2016

Playdates + Story Time

Today Evie had a friend over to play. Toddler play dates are hard! The girls argued and fought most of the time, even though I know at least Evie had been looking forward to the date all morning. They threw around sill phrases like "I never want to see you again," and "you're not my friend anymore." Then right before our little friend's mom came to pick her up, they started playing nicely, and ran around screaming with glee while the moms chatted for a few minutes.

Evie has had some anxiety surrounding bedtime and naptime since her 2 AM scary shadow event early this week. Andrew had to go in and sleep with her halfway through last night, and today I left the light on during her nap (which didn't really do anything, since her room is quite bright in the afternoon). She napped without issue, and woke up happy. She asked me for a piece of Halloween candy, and watched the end of an episode of "The Flash" with me, which she quite liked.

Ezra did well today too. I wore him around this morning and he napped in the carrier, and then he napped in my bed after I nursed him to sleep. I actually got to eat lunch without the children and relax for a few hours!

After dinner we all went to the Rec Center to sign up for a membership. I'm really excited to get back to working out, to be able to meet up with my friend, and to go with Andrew when possible. Then we went to story time at the Library. The librarian that runs story time is so good with the kids, Evie loves it. She often has me pretend to be Lisa the librarian. I wrote her name on a snowman-shaped nametag, and she wanted to do some drawing on it. she drew two dots for eyes and a cute little smile. I suggested she draw some buttons, and she drew two dots on the torso of the snowman (see the picture). Kids are so funny.

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