Sunday, January 31, 2016

amoxicillin, birthdays, ice castles, etc.

My little blogging streak didn't last too long, darnit. We had a rough week or two after Ezra's ear infection diagnosis. The doctor prescribed some amoxicillin, which I was apprehensive about because I'm allergic to penicillin. He was miserable that week possibly because of the infection, and then he got a rash. Turns out he's allergic too, poor little guy. He had an angry red rash for three or four days, and I think it made him pretty miserable. I also snitched a little too much of Evie's birthday cake  components, and so I think he was having some milk protein allergy discomfort as well. All in all, a rough couple of weeks. He cried pretty much all day every day, and most nights too.

poor baby boy with his amoxicillin rash.

We celebrated Evie's birthday with Andrew's family on the 17th. She was in cousin heaven. We had smoked salmon and for dessert, a chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling, chocolate ganache frosting, and raspberries on top. It was pretty awesome, at least as far as I could tell without actually having a piece of cake. Evie and I talked a lot about what kind of cake she would like. She would say "So here's the deal, for my cake..." Funny girl.

cousin heaven

my big 3yo

olaf was a spur-of-the-moment addition.

The next week we took the kids to Midway to see the ice castle there. The drive was not great, as Ezra was still not feeling very well, but Evie loved the castle. She wanted to make snowballs and crawl in every little nook in the ice, and she got to see Elsa and Anna afterward.

family at the ice castle. ez was not happy.

evie in an ice nook.

love to squish those baby cheeks.

Evie is still quite terrified at night, mostly of shadows, so we've been letting her go to sleep with her light on. We turn it off after she goes to sleep, and often wake in the morning to find that she's already gotten up and turned it back on. I hope she'll get back to a normal sleeping routine that doesn't involve getting so sad and scared.

Evie drew her first people the other day, circles with faces and stick arms and legs. She's never drawn anything but scribbles before, so this was momentous. A few days later she drew a decent heart, and she can write a letter E, usually with some extra horizontal lines. She got a tracing book for her birthday from her cousins and her control with the marker is really improving.

daddy, evie, and ezra. mommy is the swirl at the top (that's my big fat tummy?)

Today Evie was assigned to share a scripture with the primary children at church. It is one that the kids have been "ponderizing" all month- "Feast upon the words of Christ, for behold the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do." We repeat it together as a family, usually at dinner, and at her request throughout the day ("Mommy, let's do our ponderize."). We had her practice and practice, but when she got up in front of all the kids she froze! She mumbled through it, as I whispered it in her ear. I mentioned to her teacher that she had it memorized, and after church her teacher reported that she recited it for her little class. I do hope she'll get more courageous, but I'm still proud of her.

Ezra is getting so big- nearly 20 pounds. He's not much interested in crawling, but getting quite good at sitting up. Often when I put him down on his back he lifts up his head like he's doing crunches because he just wants to be sitting. He still loves to bathe, and to have his clothes and diaper off (the diaper table is his happy place). He does okay with solid foods. He likes little bits of bread sometimes, and will eat fruit baby foods happily. He does not love vegetables, as much as I've tried to encourage him. I should probably start mixing the two. Yesterday I was trying to feed him baby puffs and he would clench his mouth shut, but as soon as I offered him a bit of water from my straw he opened up like a baby bird. Stinker! Also suddenly this week he likes sucking on a binky. We'll see where that goes.

This last week we had new lights installed in our kitchen. They are so amazing! The kitchen has a dropped ceiling and had two florescent lights recessed into the ceiling with plastic panels over them to be flush with the dropped ceiling. One light stopped working a few weeks ago, and the other one flickered horribly. Now we have six bright LED can lights, and it feels like a new kitchen. I can't wait to get a few installed in our hallways, and to replace our dining room light fixture. I think it will be transformative.

the hole where the old lights were, and two of the new lights.

A few weeks ago the kids and I drove to Logan with my parents to visit Grandpa Tom (my dad's dad) and Grandma Irvine (my mom's mom). The drive went so smoothly with very little crying from Ezra and good weather conditions. We set up a new DVD/VHS player at Grandma's and took some nice pictures with her. Evie gave her a sweet hug as we left, and she met and held Ezra. Grandpa Tom taught Evie how to do "three with a flipper." He squished Ezra's soft legs, and sang me a funny song- "Five foot six, legs like sticks, oh how I adore those sticks! Has anybody seen my gal?" I've been apprehensive about making the drive to Cache Valley, but I'm so glad that I did and it really did go well.

Andrew has almost finished building the built-in buffet in our dining room. All that's left is to assemble the drawers and figure out a countertop for it. I'd love to put soapstone there and in our kitchen, but we also need a new roof. I guess we'll see how much we can do with our tax return.

I finished a quilt for Evelyn. I started it while I was still pregnant. My great-aunt quilted it right around when Ezra was born, and I only just sewed the binding on. I was inspired by the colors in some vintage fabric I used to make a curtain for Evie's room- pink, orange, yellow, and black. I tried to choose simple graphic fabrics with just one of the main colors with white, then the backing fabric is whimsical orange and pink floral. The quilting design is a sort of round graphic pattern, which i love with the plus sign blocks. The binding has white plus signs on a black background (I couldn't resist). I love how it turned out, and Evie loves it too.

cuties on the new quilt.

I made this cake today for my neighbor. Isn't it pretty? I love fresh flowers. And penuche frosting. Next week I'm making 100 cupcakes. Yikes!

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