Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Andrew says we're terrible journalers. It is so true. This is my attempt to remedy that, so it's going to read as more of a journal entry than a thoughtfully crafted, witty blog post. Mkay?

Today was a pretty good day. Yesterday was better, but today was good. Evie peed her pants, I used my mom voice but didn't actually yell. We grocery shopped and got case lots, and I got a new chapstick and some cashew ice "cream." I took down Christmas, except the tree itself, and put up some birthday decorations so we can celebrate Evie's 3rd birthday on Sunday with Andrew's family, exactly 1 month delayed.

Evelyn is finally feeling better. She's been better for a week now, after being sick for what felt like two weeks. She got sick on Christmas Eve. Isn't that the saddest? It's her first really bad cold. She had no appetite, was tired all the time, and pretty whiny (I wonder where she gets that tendency...). We had several Mr. Roger's Neighborhood marathons to get us through. Thank you, Netflix. Having her well again is like a breath of fresh air. She eats! She sings! She plays! I'm so glad that she's such a happy, easygoing kid under normal circumstances.

Two nights ago Evie had a nighttime episode. She usually doesn't have nightmares. There was the one about the big turtle that kissed her, or aphids on her arm, or a Maleficent dragon, or a big dog like Riley that talked to her... all pretty mild, and she calmed down quickly in those instances. Well this time, we woke to the sound of her screaming in terror, and yelling "Spiders!" over and over again. She was convinced there were spiders, caterpillars, monsters, and bugs in her room. We think she saw tree shadows. Anyway, she was terrified, and ended up in our bed. I finally got her to calm down by holding her hand and whispering to her an imaginary snow play scenario. This was our first time having a true family bed- all 4 of us sleeping together.

Last night Andrew and I were worried that her fears would resurface. He took her through the usual nighttime routine, finishing by turning Primary music on and laying down next to her. The Family Night song came on and she said "This song always makes me go to sleep." She grabbed Andrew's hand, closed her eyes, and went to sleep. We were baffled and amused. She's so funny.

Tonight Grandpa was over, helping me through bedtime while Andrew was at a church meeting. I got Ezra to sleep so we were talking with Evie. She was telling us that Mulan is a soldier, not a princess, and at first said shoulder instead of soldier. We were talking about confusing words, my dad said when he was little he confused magician and musician, and she said that when she was little and peed in her little pink potty, she got veg. I was really confused for a minute until I realized she meant fudge, which she did get as a potty treat a few times. It made my dad and I laugh that she recognized that as a word she gets confused! She also often confuses sparrow for churro. She likes the churro that comes in the kid's meal at Rubio's, and every time we go to Cafe Rio she asks if she can get a sparrow (apparently she also confuses Rubio's and Cafe Rio, which she calls Cafe Rio's). Funny girl.

Ezra is less entertaining, at least to write about, since he doesn't talk. He is, however, ridiculously cute and very chubby. He has two little teeth on the bottom. He got one just before 5 months, and the other followed shortly. He wants to chew everything, and did some good work on an apple slice today. He also quite enjoys little bits of bread. He loves to play in the bath, and does a lot of splashing. He loves Evie, and often laughs at her, which melts my heart. I tried letting him cry it out at naptime today, going in every five minutes. It did NOT work. He kept it up for 1.5 hours. I would so love to be able to put him in his crib and just walk away, and have him go to sleep peacefully on his own. Sigh. But like I said, super cute. Good thing, too. Oh and he got a haircut (thanks Trisha!) which made him look a bunch older to me.

We sold our Scion, that's new. We bought Andrew's sister's old Honda Pilot. It is so nice to have somewhere to put groceries. It is also a lot harder to park.

Andrew has been using the smoker he got for Christmas to smoke salmon and trout. It is delicious, and fun to have a new appliance. He's also sworn off of car projects, as the Izuzu Trooper is still sitting dead in our driveway and his dream car (Mitsubishi Galant VR4) is sitting dead at his parents' house. He got three stars in Clash of Clans today, whatever that means.

New for me? I made a wedding cake last month for my dear friend. It was my first ever stacked cake, so it was a big accomplishment! I also dyed my hair red, for a fun change. I'm still not eating dairy because of Ezra's sensitivities, and that combined with nursing has helped me lose nearly all my baby weight. Now I just need to get back to the gym for some me time and to get RIPPED. Just kidding, pretty sure my abs have never shown themselves. But I am going to switch from 24 Hour Fitness to the Rec Center. I think we'll get a family pass so that Andrew and I can go together sometimes, and so we can all swim. I hate swimming, but Evie loves it, and based on Ezra's bathtime experiences, I think he'll love it too.

I made a good dinner tonight. Thai chicken, made with chicken tenders in a red coconut curry sauce. It used just enough coconut milk that  I had exactly enough left to make mango sticky rice for dessert, which is dairy free and scrummy, as Mary Berry would say.

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beautiful Evelyn feeling much better

before Christmas, at the mall, in his elf hat

funny girl gave Grover m&m "teeth"

an unflattering picture documenting the first tooth, and pre-haircut Gollum sideburns

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