Monday, February 14, 2011

best husband ever.

Morning. We get up and eat oatmeal together. I give A a hot plate (that is seriously what he has wanted for months), an apple sectioner (he's the apple of my eye), and some snacks (beef jerky, pistachios, nerds) because he needs all the food he can get.

He gave me a love song CD, a la Glee.

Then I went to school, and work, armed with a GPS with directions to dinner. It ended up being at Lugano, an amazing Italian restaurant that I comment about every time we drive through Holladay. We enjoyed a lovely 5 course menu, talked about what this year will bring, and generally had a wonderful time. Here's what we ate:


Bruscetta kind of thing with creamy cheese and roasted red pepper, yum! Plus the amazing bread/butter and olives they serve there. The waiter brought us more olives because I couldn't stop talking about them. And my hubs is so handsome, and such a good sport to wear the purple shirts and such that I buy him.

A had Grappa cured house smoked salmon, caramelized onion pizzetta, mascarpone
I had Lucano Carpaccio (thinly sliced cured beef), arugula, shaved Grana (cheese), mustard aioli
No pictures of this, we ate too fast.

Prima Piatti

A had Cannellini bean soup, basil oil, shaved parmesan, croutons
I had Savory winter vegetable "angnolotti del plin" (tiny ravioli), rosmary pomodoro, brown butter, Fontina


A had Wood ove roasted Oregon Petrale Sole "Ligurian style," sliced potatoes, capers, black olives, Manilla clmas, thyme
I had Grilled organic Scottish Salmon, feta/spinach whipped potatoes (I must reproduce these), chardonnay butter sauce, roasted pepper/caper tepenade (same stuff that was on the Amuse)


A had Flourless chocolate cake, vanilla bean gelato, whipped cream
I had Lugano tiramisu (enough said)

We also got the house lemonade, which was amazing (I have a thing for real lemonade). After dinner we rushed off to class. I was only 10 minutes late. I got home to find these:

(Just ignore my mess of a desk, and notice the Lindt truffles AND the Amano chocolate bar. I'm a happy girl, and Amano is the best chocolate I've ever had. 70% cacao, baby.)

My husband is the awesomest. We're pretty much in love.

***PS- I didn't color correct any of these pictures. We were sitting right by the window, and it was a beautiful sunny day today, so they all look a bit cool. Sorry! Also, I wore a super cute outfit today. We tried to take a picture, but it was windy, and we were in a hurry, and it didn't work. Just imagine it: Cute red high-waisted skirt, liggings with zippers, black booties, it was cute. Promise.

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