Tuesday, February 22, 2011

well hello.

I am a bad blogger. So here's a little update.

Still in my last semester, still disliking biology (I really don't think I'll every use my new-found knowledge of mitosis and meiosis). Really liking transportation planning. Supposed to be finished with my Honors Thesis by the end of March, but my adviser hasn't had time to meet yet. I have a feeling I'll be a grumpy girl in March, and not finished on time.

Still working at the Utah Society for Environmental Education. I do a lot of accounting, which is not my favorite, but lately I've been working on a Green Schools project that is very exciting.

We are going to church with my parents (since we live with them now). Still don't have callings.

I noticed today that I haven't posted a recipe in a very long time. I don't cook much here, my mom does most of that, but I help her, and have done some of the meal planning. I'll try to post something here soon.

Still loving to thrift shop, but not doing a very good job documenting outfits. I'm also going to try to better on that front. Lately I love square scarves folded into triangles and worn cowboy style.

Sometimes I let TV rule my life. I love "Pretty Little Liars" for the clothes/hair, and also because it is a murder mystery and I'm a child after my mother's heart. Raising Hope, 30 Rock, and Parks & Rec are my other favorites, though I do submit to Glee, The Office, Community, and occasionally Outsourced. I think I have a problem. Oh, and watch The IT Crowd and X Files on Netflix sometimes, and just finished Downton Abbey (Masterpiece Theater via Netflix). So good!

This is what A and I call our room. We are all the way moved in. The ceiling is still unfinished, the trim not up, and the windows not framed, but I can live with those things. It is cozy, and takes under an hour to clean, which I like.

I god a ticket for not having stickers the other day. My registration somehow got separated from the stickers, and four months later I finally got caught. I went to the DMV this morning, waited for an hour, spent $5 and 2 minutes getting new stickers. Why didn't I do that in November?
We are also looking at new cars. Long term, we want a four door car for family purposes, and short term we want something to take on road trips so we don't always have to rent. I'm hoping for a Prius.

We have yet to plan our yearly vacation. We are supposed to be saving money while we live with parents, a dilemma which has postponed any Italy or Disneyworld plans. I have a premonition that nothing will actually happen, which is sort of a bummer. But we're going to the Tetons in July, and may try to work a visit to Butte in there. I'm also trying to convince A there are lots of fun things to do in New York City.

Oh, and I got a new laptop! No more hours of frustration. Because of this, I have no pictures to share with you (not transferred over yet). Sorry.

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