Saturday, October 9, 2010

votes are in.

Thank you everyone for your input yesterday! Most of you seemed to chose number three, surprisingly!

I ended up going with number one for a couple reasons:
1-It was chilly yesterday, and the long sleeves were a welcome choice.
2- The five inch heels on the other options would have killed me (I stood for probably 4 hours).
3- I have been looking for an excuse to wear dress one since Mary gave it to me to "try on," and it is finally cool enough to do so!
4- It seemed the most "me." I know that is funny to say since all the dresses were mine, but it's true.

I actually got quite a few compliments on the dress, and felt pretty fantastic. I teased my hair and put it up in a bun, for a more retro look, and rocked some red lips. Also, most attendees were fairly casual. I don't think I saw any ties there, for example.

The other highlight of my night? Meeting someone else named Marta!

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