Monday, October 18, 2010

sum of the parts.

Here's how my fall break went down. I'm thinking about it because I have some major homework issues to overcome this week that probably should have been done last week, but I really felt like I was busy the whole week!

Monday: Cleaned the house, and made dinner+3 for the freezer, and did some shopping.
Tuesday: Helped with cousin's wedding in Utah County practically all day.
Wednesday: Went to work and went visiting teaching.
Thursday: Did a wardrobe consultation and went to work and went visiting teaching.
Friday: Went to work.
Saturday: Went to my shop for the last time (sad) and then to a birthday party.
Sunday: Went to church, led choir practice, had home teachers over, napped (much-needed), did an airport pickup, met with dad about moving/A's school/our trip to Europe next spring, did some homework.

Does that not sound busy? I don't know why professors give homework over fall break.

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