Wednesday, June 10, 2009

something you may (or may not) know

A chain note went around the facebook world a few months ago, requiring a list of 25 random things. I participated, but I think my list was rather boring and unimaginative. I should have made something up. I think about this sometimes, wondering what random fact would provide some small entertainment for the 4 people who read this.

Mostly I can't think of anything or I forget, so here is something random and completely uninteresting: I can't stand when people (ahem, A!) squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube. I was taught to not only squeeze from the bottom, but to lay the tube on the counter and force the toothpaste to the top by scraping the tube with the handle of my toothbrush.

If you also participate in this ritual, you will know what I mean by this terrible description. If you don't, ask someone like me for a better description. Usually hand motions are involved, which I cannot give you in this post.

So, there you go. Something totally random and completely uninteresting you probably didn't know about me. Here's an idea, leave a comment and we'll see how many middle squeezers vs. toothpaste scrimpers there are out there.


Karin. said...

I always try really hard to squeeze from the bottom but somehow, every time, the toothpaste seeps through to the bottom. Therefore it always looks like I'm a middle squeezer. I have good intentions, but it just never works out!

amy said...

How about this: I squeeze from the middle until nothing comes out, THEN I scrape from the bottom to use that, THEN I carefully squeeze in both corners of the tube into the center to get the very, very last bits. It's the best of both worlds. :)

Ana said...

I'm a scrimper, too, and I think we got it from the same person.

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