Sunday, June 14, 2009

lazy days

This weekend was supposed to be jamb-packed with fun. It would maybe involve Lagoon, another Demolition Derby, campfire in the mountains, Desert Star, and other things. Here's how it turned out:


Slept in, then took the BMW to be inspected for safety and emissions.
Went to A's sister's house where he looked over animations for work and I chatted with his sister while she and the boys had lunch.
Had Vietnamese baguette sandwiches for lunch.
Took a nap.
Toured the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple, had cookies there.
Went to McGrath's for dinner. I had halibut, A had salmon. (We are running out of cheap ti mid-priced restaurants that serve healthy food outside of downtown, can you tell?)
Came home and had a relaxing night of exercising, catching up on SYTYCD, and getting into the show Mumbai Calling.


Slept in again, went to the first week of the Farmer's Market downtown, then checked out the KCPW Rummage Sale. Only purchase was birthday present, mostly because we were not going straight home and didn't want to have fresh produce go bad in the car.
Had lunch at Rubio's. They have a good grilled vegetable burrito and a Healthmex burrito that is also decent.
Headed to the Gateway to meet up with my sister M's kiddos at the Children's Museum, where we played and played.
Ran through the rain and got soaked, 2-year-old R got scared of the dinosaurs, which was really some loud thunder.
Got two Sbarro balloons.
Lost one.
Bought one crisp bean burrito from Taco Time, one lemonade, and one McDonald's hot fudge sunday.
Went to the Clark Planetarium.
Went home.
Made healthy pancakes, which involve wheat flour, cottage cheese, and yogurt, with blueberry compote on top.
Rehearsed with nephew B to sing at a care center.
Checked out The Da Vinci Code from Redbox and grocery shopped.
Ate a giant bowl of watermelon while watching The Da Vinci Code.
Went to sleep far too late.

So nothing too special, but fun! I am definitely looking forward to some great vacations later in the summer and fall, and some more lazy weekends.

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