Sunday, November 30, 2008


I am thankful for family that knows how to cook. We went to two dinners again this Thanksgiving, both were delicious. Luckily my family let us take some leftovers since we went there second. A's family provided a fantastic traditional dinner, complete with brussel sprouts and pecan pie. My family went the non-trad route, with bbq turkey, pulled pork, spicy mac and cheese, and Cajun stuffing. Yum. I've been enjoying cold pie for breakfast, which is always my favorite. This year I made pumpkin cheesecake with some controversial whipped cream. It was delicious, and technically had less alcohol content than if I had used the same amount of vanilla.
Friday, A and I went shopping in the spirit of black Friday. A got up at 4:45, and went to Pep Boys to get a gift certificate. When he came back, I got up with him and we headed to the mall. I got two shirts for about $7 each at JC Penny, and A got a present for me there. We then wandered that mall and another looking for some boots for me. I almost bought these for only $80 or so, but ended up with these because they seemed to be of a higher quality.
After shopping, we put up our tree and decorated it with the various vintage glass balls my mom has given us, red and silver. Someday I hope we have more variety, but for now our two Santas, few candy canes, and several little wooden birds will have to do.
We rounded off the night at Wingers, and then saw Ghost Town at the dollar theater. I laughed and then cried, and overall it was very good.

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