Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas

That's my latest library pick, along with more Sufjan.
So, I think I failed to mention that A bought a Wii a few weeks ago. Monday he bought Mario Party 8, which is only fun with more than one person, so I've been playing with him. Hence, we've been staying up too late and so I'm awfully tired.
Last night we went to Arctic Circle, which is usually so delicious, but let's just say that it' not so great the next day. Unfortunately, I took last week off to volunteer at the APAU (American Planning Association Utah chapter) conference, so I really have to go today, even though I'd rather be in bed. Maybe it was the courtesy cone that did it...


alyddall said...

Hi Marta - wanted to tell you that we decided to try out your muscial selections! We had Sufjan "Hark" vol 2 (I think) It has, amongst other things, "Come thou fount of every blessing" which I liked. Also got an Ella Fitzgerald one which I enjoyed and Peter listed to twice!

Good picks. I will keep watching. Ben's favorite is "The Lost Christmas Eve" by the Trans Siberian Orchestra, if you want something with loud screaming guitars for a change. ;-)

Marta said...

Oh I'm glad to hear that! I remember listening to that Ella Christmas album as a kid and loving it. She sings another song, I'm not sure which album it's on, called "Santa Clause Got Stuck in My Chimney" that I loved as a kid.
On some of the Sufjan volumes he does Lo How a Rose Er Blooming and Once in Royal David's City, I like both of those, and Holy Holy Holy. They're all good.
Tell Ben to blog about Trans Siberian, I'll have to have him play it for me sometime.

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