Monday, November 3, 2008

I can feel it

Am I the only one who already wants to listen to Christmas music? I'm aching for the Singers Unlimited and the Cambridge Singers. Something about the time change, the harvest foods, the almost-bare trees, it feels like time. More than the food and presents and spirit of the season, the music is really my favorite part of this time of year. Ironically, I almost always get a cold and miss out on it. If you are looking for a good Christmas concert, there is one coming up in less than a month. The Salt Lake Children's Choir will be holding their annual concert at the Cathedral of the Madeline, free to all those over six years old on Saturday and Sunday, December 6th and 7th. This concert promises angelic music, cute kiddos, and some fantastic audience-participation carols in a magnificent setting. (It just so happens that I was in the choir for six years, and now my nephew is in it.)
Other random stuff? A and I have been getting movies and TV shows from the library. Here's what we've watched so far: Arrested Development, Hotel Rwanda, Bring It On, (I meant to get Drop Dead Gorgeous, but we watched it anyway to be funny)and Ugly Betty. We're on a waiting list for Pushing Daisies season 1.
Also, my car failed emissions, and A finished his truck. I'm making apple-pear crisp. Yum. In the past two months I've made peach, pear and now apple-pear crisp. I use my sister's recipe, cut in half to fit a 9x9 pan. We then eat it for breakfast for a week, and it's even good without icecream.
The primary program is next Sunday. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a full meeting of solos by me. Pretty much all of A's family is coming, and possibly my parents too, not to mention a member of the General Primary Presidency! That's just a little intimidating.

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