Monday, November 10, 2008

Mary Kay

So, lately I've been to two MK classes, first color then skin care. I have to say, I'm not sold on the makeup, but the microdermabrasion was pretty nice. The sales rep is really so nice, and also really trying to get me to sell. I was seriously considering it, because of course I can do "3 hours a week" and afford to make "a few extra hundreds" every month. A was even encouraging, thinking that income would be nice. My sis-in-law just emailed me these links, one titled Can you make money with Mary Kay? and the other Pink Truth. Wow, I can't imagine anyone still wants to sell MK after looking at those sites. Meanwhile, I'm watching the dermabrasion on ebay, step one is at $1.04 and step two is going for $.99 with 3 days left.

1 comment:

alyddall said...

so did you go back to the same lady for the 2nd class,workshop, or whatever you call it? I am still wondering if there is something easier on my skin than what we used that one night. My skin was irritated and strange for at least three days after that night. I've seen the one in the mall that you bought now. Do you still like that one better? Did you buy anything from the MK lady?

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