Thursday, April 10, 2014

baby pictures

Hello there friends, I'm trying something a little different here. I just merged my baby blog over with this one, and will just be posting here from now on. I've been trying to post about little Evie monthly, but it has been getting harder and harder as she becomes more active. So no guarantees, but I do hope to post a bit about that funny little girl every once in awhile.

 Baby girl loves to brush her teeth, play outside, color, dance to Pharrell Williams "Happy" and the music from Frozen, go down slides, play in rock piles, and take showers. She says all kinds of things, ah-choo if you sneeze, stinky, messy, nice, sad, snack, and more (see past posts for more extensive lists). She loves to read books, and we spend many a morning reading together. Lift-the-flap books are some of her favorite. She says mouse, and now refers to Mickey and Minnie as "mouse" instead of "mi." She is a little baby mama. She loves her baby dolls, and gives them pats of consolation, kisses, plays games with them, and likes to have one in her crib to snug at night. She really likes going to the library, and will tolerate almost any car ride if you give her some goldfish crackers. She folds her arms anytime she hears the word prayer or blessing. She occasionally sings what sounds like a rendition of "Let It Go."

Evie playing in Grandma's fairy garden (she touches it and says "moss" and "soft").
Parenting truly is amazing. I saw a post recently where someone took all of the usual warnings against getting tattoos and applied them to having children. Yes, they change your body. Yes, they cost money. Yes, they are permanent. But they are wonderful. Seeing the world through a child's eyes has made me realize how magical life really is. She notices the little things: the roughness of tree bark, the delicate petals of a flower,  a distant bird singing outside. It is amazing to see her try to figure things out, and fulfilling to witness her successes. I have no problem with other people getting tattoos, but I think I'll stick with parenthood for now.

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