Monday, April 15, 2013

Seventeen weeks.

So, Evie is 17 weeks today,  but Wednesday is the 17th, so sometime between now and then she'll be four months old.

When she was two months, we got together with some other moms and babies, one born in October, one in November. I remember thinking they looked so much bigger than her. Now, seeing some other baby friends born in January and March,  Evie looks like a giant! She has grown so much this past month, it amazes me.

Evie now laughs,  mostly when you tickle her tummy. She also will carry on a spit conversation (blowing raspberries back and forth). She is interested in toys, and will reach out for them and try to maneuver them into her mouth. She sits in a little bumbo chair,  but can't really sit up on her own. I've trained her to be a bad napper in the day,  wanting to be held or simply refusing to sleep.  Fortunately she'll usually conk out if I take her for a walk or out in the car.

Sometimes I look at this little girl and almost can't contain my emotions. We love her so much and think she is just about the cutest thing ever.

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