Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nineteen Weeks

Has it really been another week? Boy, time sure flies.

Evie is hilarious.  Sometimes mid-meal she stops, looks up at me, and smiles and talks. She wants to eat everyone's fingers, hands, arms, noses, shoulders, etc. She laughs. She loves having conversations, her end is usually just smiling and occasional exclamations. She plays with toys now. If i give her one in the car, I listen to rattles and crinkles coming from the backseat while I drive.

As of today, she naps. I discovered that loud white noise helps her go to sleep on her own. Like the vacuum. In her room. She had three crib naps, I got loads done, it was glorious.

She wears accessories without complaint,  like headbands,  sunglasses, and hats. It is adorable. I still look at her with amazement, and think she's just about the cutest thing ever. Oh but she pulls out my hair. I need a cut, desperately.

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