Sunday, April 21, 2013

Four Months, One Week

I imagine that holding a sleeping baby, cuddling their soft cheeks, and breathing in their sweet baby perfume is as close as I'll ever get to being drunk. It is deliciously intoxicating.

Evie is now eating food. By eating,  I mean mostly spitting it out. I didn't have a strong opinion either way about only nursing until six months, or whatever. Her pediatrician said her head strength and control was good enough to start eating, so we are giving it a try. I blended up some uncooked brown rice to make my own rice cereal. She didn't love it, even mixed with some breast milk. Next day we tried some mashed pear, also didn't love that. Then finally some rice cereal with banana mashed in. Success! Then, mashed butternut squash. Slightly less successful. But, I don't really care how much she actually gets down, since I'm still nursing her. For now it is just to learn how to eat and swallow.

Oh, and at the 4 month check Evie weighed 14.5 pounds,  quite the chunk!  Her head is in the 90th percentile, and weight and height are like 70th and 80th.

She laughs now, when you give her raspberries on her tummy or when her bearded relatives (dad and grandpa) growl and rub their beards on her tummy. She has some little sunglasses, and doesn't complain at all when o put them on her. She hates the carseat but almost always falls asleep in it. She's getting pretty good at grabbing things, like toys, glasses, jewelry, hair, shirts, dishes on the table, and anything in front of her. It can be problematic.

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