Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fifteen Weeks

Well, Evie is a giant! She has nearly doubled her birth weight, and we love her chubby legs and soft body.

We blessed her on Easter Sunday,  and were happy to have a lot of family there for the event. She spit up all over the blessing dress during the opening song, and cried during the blessing until Grandpa Nelson put his finger in her mouth.

Evie is becoming more and more alert and aware. When I read to her, she reaches out and touches the pages,  which is especially cute with the touch-and-feel book.

She is still very drooly, and tries to get everything into her mouth. We've had two evenings where she has to go shirtless, because her onesie Israel just soaked with drool!

Even as another week goes by, we can't stop talking about how cute this girl is. We love her so much!

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