Monday, March 25, 2013

Three Months

I thought I did a three month post, but I didn't!  So Evie is actually three months and one week today.  Still sleeping through the night, though there was a slight relapse for a few days. Also still rolling from front to back,  and giving us big smiles on the diaper table.

She doesn't seem to like baths as much, but tolerates them as long as she can suck on a washcloth. 

Evie officially comes to church now, and gives everyone serious looks with the occasional smile.  Mostly she saves the smiles for right after waking up, eating,  or getting a diaper change. 

She is still super handsy. Not surprising when you look at her ultrasound pictures,  most of which feature a hand in front of her face.  The other day she fell asleep with her hands clasped. She is also learning to grab and grasp, which is exciting.

And,  she is a giant.  Where did my tiny baby go?

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