Monday, March 11, 2013

remember these things.

Evie is 12 weeks old today. I am even losing count, the weeks go so fast!

She is on a two hour schedule. She wakes up, eats, and then plays until it has been about an hour since the beginning of the feeding. Then she goes to sleep, and wakes up after an hour. Usually. Sometimes she is a champ, and sleeps in the moby wrap while I am shopping for like, two hours. Or sometimes she doesn't go to sleep at all between meals.

She is now too long for her newborn-sized sleep sack, and wriggles around so much in the night that often she is not where I put her down, or has managed to get one arm out the top or bottom of the swaddle.

Evie can roll over! Only from her stomach to her back. This started on Wednesday (the 6th), after a few days of "practice," where I helped her get the roll started. This is exciting and bad at the same time. Exciting because she is growing and learning new things. Bad because she is developing a flat head but can now escape from tummy time. I'm really puzzled about the flat head... she does sleep all night on her back, and occasionally goes in the carseat, but most of the day she is being held. Poor flathead baby.

She still loves to eat her hands, and anything that gets near her mouth (table edges, mom's hands and arms, bibs, blankets, shirt collars, washcloths). She also smiles, a lot. It is terribly rewarding. I love it. Though, I think she saves most of her smiles for me and her dad, because around other people she is still sort of somber (does that mean she is an introvert?).

Happy 12 weeks, baby girl. We sure do love you, more and more every day.

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Chelsea said...

The bean's head is flat too. Our pedi said to stop using the play gym and put her in a bouncer. We also use her super seat a lot more. I think she misses the play gym, but her head has rounded out a little better. You can buy these little nest things on Amazon, boppy makes them, that their little head can sit in when they're asleep in their crib and they're supposed to help round it out. Also - from the research that I've done, flat heads are totally cosmetic unless they were born with it, and it doesn't interfere with brain development. Good thing girls have hair to cover that up!

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